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"Cockatoo" is a Malaysian word that has two possible meanings, "pincher" or "old father". This species can be found from the Eastern Indonesia to Australia; mostly in the tropical rainforest where the temperatures are high.

There are 18 species of Cockatoo that include the Cockatiel that is the smallest of the Cacatuidae family. Cockatoo’s plumage is less colorful than other parrots, being the single colors the like white, grey and black the most dominant. However, some species have vivid parts often yellow, pink and red, usually located on their showy erectile crest or tail.

Cockatoo’s diet consists primarily of seeds mixes, fruit and vegetable; some examples are bananas, apples, pears, oranges, carrots and broccoli. Vitamins and minerals won't be necessary if they have a varied diet for them. Another important part is the water, so need to keep them fresh water all day.


The ideal size of a cage for a Cockatoo should be at least 3 flight wingspans of the bird, it is important for a Cockatoo to have some free time outside the cage for exercise and play time. You must also provide horizontal bars and toys inside the cage since these birds are very playful and active.

The most common species of Cockatoos that we can found in captivity are the whites. They are very intelligent birds that love to show off; they are great as pets because of their need for affection and attention. Cockatoos are very active, and they like to perform comical displays and dance. If you are thinking to get a Cockatoo as a pet, you will need to spend a good time with it daily, you both will enjoy it for sure!