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Corn Snake

Corn Snakes or Red Rat Snake can be found in the Eastern and Central zones of The United States. The adult’s size is around 3’–6’ feet (1.2–1.8 m).Their lifespan in the wild is usually around 6 to 8 years, but in captivity Corn Snakes can live to be up to 20 years old or longer.

Like all snakes, Corn Snakes are carnivorous, so you need to be prepared to give them small rodents such as white mice and small rats. In the wild, they will eat every few days, but in captivity adults can eat 1 big rat or 2 adult white mice each week. Rodents are an excellent source of calcium and vitamins for Corn Snakes. Also, you must provide fresh and chlorine free water all the time.

Corn Snake

In captivity, we need to create the ideal environment for the Corn Snakes. Adults will need at least a 20-40 gallon terrarium with a lockable sliding screen lid. The recommended daytime temperature for the terrarium is from 75 to 79°F, and in the nighttime 72 to 75°F. Using thermometers is essential to keep the right temperature. Additionally, you can help your pet with the digestion by placing in the terrarium a belly heat or a hot rock; you can find this accessory in any specialized store.

Corn Snakes are one of the most popular types of snakes to keep as pets. They are docile and reluctant to bite. Also, they tolerate very good to be handled, all these characteristics contribute to their popularity.