PetStation Magazine

40 pages printed in color

Letter size / Bimonthly publication / Free subscription / Print run: 15,000 copies / Distribution: Miami-Dade and Broward Counties / Languages: English, Spanish

About Us

Petstation Magazine is a free bimonthly periodical for South Florida residents who love animals, are pet-owners, offers pet care tips, and advertises local and nationwide pet services and more. Petstation Magazine is the vehicle for industry related business owners to be able to reach thousands of interested consumers.

Participates !!

  • Animal lovers
  • Pet owners
  • Corporate establishments and independent contractors interested in promoting their services through an innovative outlet.

Why Invest in Petstation Magazine

Petstation Magazine is the only pet magazine with content in English and Spanish to be distributed in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. It reaches both Hispanic and American markets simultaneously through articles of interest, community outreach programs, local events, and social awareness. It allows commercial creativity for businesses that want to introduce themselves into the pet industry by providing ample conduits for advertising.

Our distribution methods will allow direct access to pet shops, animal clinics, veterinarians, supermarkets and special events related to animal lovers. Petstation Magazine is the vehicle in which you can increase your profits by promoting your services to thousands of interested individuals.

Besides its print version, Petstation Magazine will be available digitally to subscribers via email allowing for a broader customer outreach.

Petstation Magazine has the best pricing and advertising options for all who wish to promote their services. With a long-term vision in mind, we invite you to enjoy the promotional packages available for purchase during the first few editions published.