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5 Steps to clean your Aquarium

Cleaning your aquarium is one of the most important aspects of keeping your fish healthy. It is a simple task that should not take very long. If you have an aquarium with filtration system, it is recommended to change the water every three weeks, and for the live plant ones a weekly change is the best.

You can maintain your aquarium following these five easy steps:

5 Steps to 

clean your Aquarium
Before you started, unplug the heater, lights, and any other electrical device in your tank.
  • Prepare in a bowl some new water with the same temperature of the tank; after this, place your fish in there while you are cleaning your aquarium.
  • Remove the artificial plants, decorations, and filters and rinse them with warm water (do not use soap). Let them dry before you put them back in the aquarium.
  • Clean all sides of the aquarium with an algae sponge. Most of the dirt on the glass inside the tank should come off with an algae scraper, or you can try with a razor blade
  • After you have all the accessories and the tank clean, you can pour the new water without chlorine into the aquarium and plug all the electronic devices. You will see your fish in a brighter, cleaner tank.