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Bathing your Bird

Often, new bird owners have doubts about how to bathe their pets. In the wild, birds clean themselves in a lake, stream or during a rain shower. However, in your home your bird could face many different challenges. Indoors, your bird's skin can become very dry, doing the bath time an essential duty for them. Baths are great to maintain the plumage because it removes dust and extra oil, maintaining the insulating properties of feathers.

Some advices to bathe your bird at home are:

  • Prepare pans or your sink only one to two inches deep with room temperature or lukewarm water.(never too cold or hot)
  • Ask the veterinarian if commercial bird's shampoos are safe for your pet, and if the answer is negative, clean water would be enough.
  • Never spray water directly into your bird's face.
  • Do not force your pet bird to bathe; just as birds vary in behavior, they also differ in how they prefer to bathe.
  • Your bird's feathers need to dry completely, for that reason you should bathe your bird in the warmest part of the day. Never use an electric blow dryer on your bird. Depending on the size of your bird it may allow you to dry it. If this is the case, grab a towel and carefully pat you bird in the direction that the feathers lay.

Most birds need little if any, encouragement to bathe. Start by offering a bath to your bird once or twice weekly. It would take a bit of observation, but you will quickly learn your bird’s preferences.